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Global Technical Guidance on Ocean Accounting for Sustainable Development

The Technical Guidance for Ocean Accounts describes a statistical framework for measuring the ocean and its relationship with society and the economy. The Technical Guidance on Ocean Accounting outlines how to compile, use and maintain ocean accounts (organised by the Ocean Accounts Framework). It was developed in response to country demands for methodological and process guidance on ocean accounting, and is in line with the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) and System of National Accounts (SNA) and is supporting the development of a SEEA Ocean. The intent is to provide a common measurement framework that demonstrates how scientific information can be integrated using environmental-economic and other complementary approaches to address national policy priorities.

This document is only the starting point for a comprehensive statistical framework that needs to be tested and expanded. Several collaborators are working with countries on pilot studies and have committed to integrate the framework into their research and their results and experiences into the framework. Feedback from piloting and research will strengthen the framework over time, so that it can be proposed as part of an international statistical standard.

Detailed Technical Guidance on Ocean Accounting - Confluence