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Our team

Arlette Schramm

PhD Candidate: Merging financial strategies with sustainable practices. Private equity, M&A, impact investment with focus on Blue Carbon, Sustainable Finance Mechanisms & Natural Capital Accounting.

Bella Charlesworth

Communications Officer: environmental scientist and science communicator. Background: ecology, plastic pollution, science & policy, content design, comms, podcasting. BSc/BArts with Honours (Class I).

Blake Osmond

Researcher, educator, lawyer and public policy advisor working at the intersection of law, public policy and renewable energy. Experience advising Australian Gov on the transition to renewable energy.

Dr Ben Milligan

Director: recognition of nature in economic decision-making, multi-sector ocean development planning, natural resources governance, zero-carbon transitions, partnerships for sustainable development.

Dr Jordan Gacutan

Research Fellow: bridging science / policy through evidence for environmental-economic accounts, MSP, plastic pollution. Background in GIS, stats, natural capital and ecosystem services.

Dr Tainã G. Loureiro

Research Fellow: marine scientist focused on producing knowledge to support sustainable ocean planning & decision-making. Background: blue carbon ecosystems, biodiversity & natural capital accounting.

Eliza Northrop

Director: International environmental law, UNFCCC, ocean-climate solutions for zero-carbon transitions, sustainable ocean planning, natural resources governance and policy, indigenous rights

Elizabeth Hollaway

Research Associate: Implementation and development of sustainable ocean economy policy and governance. Background in marine science and multi-sectoral partnerships

Hannah Sheridan

Manager: network management, strategy, team builder, integration and systems optimisation, development through the utilisation of local knowledge, higher education sector specialist.

Ibukun Adewumi

Research Fellow: promoting a better understanding of the interconnections between ocean systems, human activities, and the economy to inform decision-making for sustainable ocean development.

Ken Findlay

Program lead, GOAP’s Africa Community of Practice: advancement of ocean accounting, inclusive & sustainable ocean governance, blue economies & sustainable ocean development in African coastal nations.

Maria Granada Alarcon Blazquez

PhD Candidate: environmental economics and environmental systems analysis. Experienced in ecosystem services, natural capital accounting, environmental valuation, CBA, and GIS.

Marianne Feoli

Research Officer: Building synergy & knowledge for Ocean Accounts in Latin America and the Caribbean. Sustainable transformation strategies, community empowerment, biodiversity credits & management.

Michael Burnside

Manager: partnerships for sustainable development, environmental science & economics, recognising nature in decision-making, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, zero-carbon transitions

Mitchell Lyons

Spatial data scientist. Background in earth observation, ML/AI, stats, EEA, biodiversity monitoring, field/expert/traditional knowledge, capacity building, open source + cloud-based methods

Nicholas Williams

Senior Administrator: experience in Federal Gov., migration & refugees with education in International Relations focusing on peacekeeping & human security, gender-based violence and food security.

Nina van Ewijk

Manager: Event program and communications, project management and operations support. Background in environment and resource management