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The Global Dialogue on Sustainable Ocean Development

The 5th Global Dialogue from the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership

1-5 July 2024 | The Meru Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

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Join us at the Global Dialogue on Sustainable Ocean Development

GOAP Co-Chairs, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan Republik Indonesia), Indonesia and Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, warmly invite you to the Global Dialogue on Sustainable Ocean Development.

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The Global Dialogue will kick off with two days of technical training, including interactive workshops and presentations from experts, followed by three days of the core event, featuring panels, roundtables and side events intended to accelerate international collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Over five days, the Global Dialogue will bring together governments, international organisations, and research institutions to build a global community of practice for ocean accounting as the basis for supporting the transition to a sustainable ocean economy. Ocean accounts organise social, economic, and environmental data in a coherent and standardised manner so public and private decision-makers have an evidence base that goes “beyond GDP” to underpin policy, management and investment decisions. Ocean accounts help to measure progress towards sustainable ocean development.

By the end of the Global Dialogue, participants will have gained valuable knowledge and skills to help their community and institution go "beyond GDP" and effectively measure and manage progress toward a sustainable ocean future.

Building on the success of the previous Global Dialogues, which attracted over 670 delegates from 73 countries, this year’s event offers the first opportunity for the global ocean accounts community to convene in person since the inaugural Global Dialogue in 2019.

Training Sessions

In the first two days (1 and 2 July) a series of training sessions will be held to help participants explore topics of interest, increase their knowledge and enable them to fully participate in event discussions.

There are no prerequisites for any courses, however we recommend participants with very limited or zero knowledge in ocean accounting attend the Introduction to Ocean Accounts, the principles and tools session to help provide a foundational knowledge. This session will be scheduled for the morning of Day 1.

The full schedule will be released closer to the event and event timings will be designed to enable participants to attend as many registered sessions as possible. If we don’t achieve a minimum participation level, a course may be cancelled and individuals allocated to an alternative. If courses significantly exceed the participant limit, we will arrange two sessions of the same course over the two days, where time allows.

Training sessions offered (see below for detailed abstracts):

  • An Introduction to Ocean Accounts, Principles, and Tools 
  • Developing Ocean Economy Satellite Accounts 
  • Monetary valuation of ecosystem services
  • Accounting for Fisheries 
  • Incorporating Climate Change into Ocean Accounting 
  • Bridging the Gap:Technical Links between Ocean Accounting and Spatial Planning (incl. MSP, ICZM, MPAs, etc) 
  • Introduction to the capabilities of cloud-based spatial frameworks 
  • Experimental spatial approaches to ocean ecosystem accounting
  • Harnessing Blue Carbon Ecosystems for Sustainable Ocean Development Through Environmental-Economic Accounting  
  • Sustainable Ocean Plans and Ocean Accounts 
  • Introduction to sustainable ocean finance 
  • Ocean Accounts for Policy Analysis
  • Demystifying international agreements 
  • The Game of Marine Spatial Planning
  • Legal and Policy Design Options for the Ocean Economy
  • Data for Plastics in the Context of the Global Plastic Treaty

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